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Tianjin cheng rui da group in tianjin of China, crd property group co., LTD is the parent company, on September 12, the company was founded in 1995, the registered capital of one hundred million yuan, the parent company for property management integrity AAA grade realty service enterprise, cheng da group currently has more than 7000 employees, including management staff 400 people, college degree or above personnel more than 600 people, made of 68 people, senior technical titles, has the national project manager are qualified and tianjin property manager mount guard qualification certificate, 146, 9 certified property management professionals, There are 15 registered first grade and second grade construction engineers, 18 engineers, 36 senior technicians, 39 public nutritionists, and more than 130 safety management personnel who have obtained the professional qualification.

Company with property management services, security services, industrial equipment cleaning, industrial enterprise fire hosting, hotel management, building services, power plant equipment maintenance and operation maintenance of the seven main business, has a wholly owned subsidiary of 10, undertake various projects, a total of more than 200, LTD covers an area of more than 10 million square meters, the project type enterprise or business the unit office buildings, hotels, schools, industrial workshop, industrial park, commercial, residential and dining room hosting many fields, such as service projects throughout the country 28 provinces and cities and autonomous regions.

In recent years, the company actively respond to a nation "area" development strategy, go abroad to expand overseas, currently operates in 14 countries overseas, including belarus, India, Iraq, Pakistan, Turkey, Malaysia, Bolivia, venezuela, Indonesia, Serbia, dubai, Iran's foreign construction engineering projects such as property managed services.

According to the modern enterprise operation mode, the company has improved the corporate governance structure of shareholders' meeting, board of directors and Board of Supervisors, and established the power and responsibility division system under the authorization of the general manager. The four functional departments operate in parallel, contributing to the stable development of the project. According to the three management systems of ISO9000/14000 and OHSAS18000, the company has compiled the Management Manual and implemented it in all departments of the headquarters and in all management projects, thus putting the management mode on the track of continuous improvement. With the implementation of "6S" management method, the company has realized the routinization, tabulation and frequency in management, improved the operating efficiency and standardized the operating standard. The implementation of "Employee self-discipline Card" standardizes and guides the individual behavior of employees, and makes the management level of the company further improved and developed.

With the development goal of "striving to be an excellent participant in all social service activities", the company has made advance predictions on the direction of the industry, actively responded to it, and has the courage to accept new management ideas and technical methods, and gradually applied and practiced them.

In property management and service, we use industrial property management services for the core business, to achieve barrier-free industrial logistics overall hosted mode, and gradually expand, office buildings, residential, commercial block all kinds of special venue property and regionalization nutrition fast food service, realize the integrity of the property management forms, enhanced the strength of our service, also provide valuable market experience.

In security management, we are always in line with "customer first, service first" service concept, to do a good job in public security prevention and fire fighting safety work as the core, build a superior style, excellent professional security team organized, do security experts around customers, we insist on team militarization management, work on the safety of customers core, according to the customer in different periods of security requirements, formulate various stages of the service plan and contingency plans, the escort for the customer. At present, our company has undertaken more than 70 domestic and foreign power generation enterprises and a number of national key scientific research institutes, social key prevention units security, fire services work, over the years of dedicated service, so that we have been highly trusted and praised by customers.

In cleaning services, we focus on civilization production and clean coal-fired power plant cleaning industry culture, combined with basic principle of the operation of the power plant, we actively explore scientific and safe cleaning method, through the mechanization level of ascension and the use of all kinds of special agents, we effectively reduce human resource cost, reduce the various security hidden danger, make the scene of the pollution sources get effective governance.

In the construction and improvement of the management system, the company has always taken fine management, institutionalized construction and systematic operation as its development direction. In the future service management practice, to meet the needs of customers and achieve high-quality services as the goal, the sustainable improvement and perfection of rules and regulations, constantly improve the level of enterprise management, practice enterprise philosophy, fulfill social responsibility.

The healthy development of the company is inseparable from the correct leadership of the Party, more inseparable from the party and the state on the policy to give strong support, sincere ruida all staff's hard work and enthusiasm and dedication. Pay attention to the party leading unswervingly strengthen party construction is the primary goal of the company development, the company party branch to "outstanding party leading, agglomeration development together" as the theme idea overall consideration under the work, give full play to the function and lead the exemplary role of party members, party construction guarantee advance party integration, inject new vitality for company development.

Company since 2005 restructuring, the company was founded in the early 1500 up to now, 7000 people, the project covered by the original property and escort 26 project up to now more than 200 projects, economic output from the original 35 million yuan breakthrough to now more than one hundred million yuan, tax amount accumulative total to 2018 from 1.58 million yuan first year tax tax amount of 300 million yuan.

The company is currently awarded: China security association director unit, the tianjin property management association governing units, tianjin security association, standing director unit, the managing director, tianjin cleaning cleaning business school association of Hong Kong star enterprise, excellent project managers, tianjin tianjin property management enterprise AAA property management enterprise credit management institution, tianjin "two new" party construction demonstration enterprises, 2016 companies were the first tianjin tianjin municipal land and resources and housing authority credit rating "AAA grade realty service enterprise" title, 2017 Tianjin Private enterprises to promote employment and social donations of the top 100 enterprises, 2017 through the China nuclear industry qualified supplier system certification. In the future, the company will meet the needs of customers with more rigorous management system, scientific management means, and enthusiastic service attitude, and seek common development between customers and us.

See courage despite wind and rain, sheer endeavour spanning the renewal, new development, cheng rui's insist "to seek, to the ritual of benevolence, to the heart communication, obtained with virtue" the service idea don't waver, abides by the contract and comprehensive service to customers, long-term cooperation, harmony and win-win, respect for peers modesty, learning, benchmarking, orderly competition, responsible to the employees a fair and just, love, heart cohesion, with open-minded atmosphere, sincere and selfless dedication, sincerity of service brand, in order to realize the beautiful Chinese dream and compose a new glorious chapter.


Property Services
To provide property management services for clients.
Security Services
Develop service plans and emergency plans at different stages to escort customers.
Equipment Cleaning
Familiar with system principle and operation specification, avoid hidden trouble.
Electric Overhaul
Power plant equipment overhaul and operation and maintenance.




Staff 7000 people, including management staff 400 people, college degree or above personnel more than 600 people, made of 68 people, senior technical titles, has the national project manager are qualified and tianjin property manager mount guard qualification certificate, 146, 9 certified property management professionals, 12 registered construction engineer 15 people, engineer 18 people, senior technician 36 people, public nutritionists 39 people, obtains the qualification of safety management staff of more than 130 people.